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Color Key

Pink (Ages 3–4) Tiny Tots
Mint Green (Ages 5–6) Level 1
Peach (Ages 7–10) Level 2
Light Blue (Ages 9–11) Level 2
Red (Ages 9–11) Level 3 
Dark Green (Ages 10–Up) Level 1
Dark Blue (Ages 12–Up) Level 2
Light Purple (Ages 12–Up) Level 3/4
Dark Purple  (Ages 12–Up) Level 3/4


Tuition is based upon a 4–week month. Adage will close if there is a fifth week in the month. Refer to the studio calendar for dates that Adage will be closed. Monthly tuition will not change during holiday breaks. A registration fee of $35 is charged annually‚ one time in each dance season.

Monthly Tuition is based on the number of classes a student takes per week:

Classes Per Week Tuition
1 Class per week $70.00
2 Classes per week $110.00
3 Classes per week $150.00
4 Classes per week $180.00
Classes Per Week Tuition
5 Classes per week $215.00
6 Classes per week $255.00
7 Classes per week $285.00
Unlimited/Company $335.00

Family Discount:
If you are enrolling more than one dancer, you will receive $10 off of monthly tuition for one child’s tuition