Description of Classes

Adage offers classes in the styles of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Tumbling, Commercial Jazz, Stretch and Conditioning, and Tiny Tots.

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Description of Classes:

Tiny Tots: Our Tiny Tot Combo Classes are designed for children ages 3–4‚ and will cover the genres of Ballet‚ Jazz‚ and Tap dance. This unique class utilizes fun props to assist in introducing young dancers to the basic fundamentals of Ballet‚ Jazz‚ and Tap 1. They will be kept active while having fun‚ being creative‚ learning social skills‚ and developing a love and appreciation for dance. The class will hone in on basic positions and terminology‚ while still offering a creative outlet for each dancer‚ which will in turn help to build self confidence‚ class discipline‚ and discover an appreciation for one’s self.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation of dance and is highly recommended to every student. Ballet is essential to body alignment and teaches dancers how to properly train and engage their muscles‚ which also teaching discipline. It will be particularly helpful for students wanting to excel in Jazz‚ Lyrical‚ and Contemporary dance‚ and is a required class for all company members.

Jazz: Jazz is originally rooted in African Dance‚ and has since stemmed into a more technical and commercialized genre of dance. Jazz Dance incorporates Ballet technique covered‚ while moving at a sharper‚ and generally a faster‚ more upbeat pace than Ballet. Adage Dance Center covers realms of Jazz ranging from traditional Jazz‚ to Commercial Jazz‚ and even Musical Theater/Character Jazz Dance.

Lyrical: Lyrical is often considered a cross between Ballet‚ Modern‚ and Jazz Dance‚ and has been largely popularized by Dance Competitions. The foundation of Lyrical Dance comes from Ballet‚ while movements are transitioned from one to another with fluidity. Lyrical is often performed to ballad–like songs‚ and serves to tell a story through movement. The style generally uses a lot of traveling steps‚ allowing dancers to move across the stage more so than they might in other styles of dance.

Contemporary: Contemporary dance is a newer dance form‚ and is a term often used to describe a wide range of styles. Also rooted in Ballet technique‚ Contemporary dance is usually made up of more quirky and abstract movements than what might be found in Lyrical Dance. Contemporary can range from a slow dance with instrumental music‚ to something much quicker‚ performed to pop music with an emphasized down beat nearing on the edge of Jazz Funk. Contemporary Dance almost always places a heavily emphasis on the backbeat of the music‚ while Lyrical Dance is most often choreographed to the lyrics of a song. Much attention has been brought to Contemporary Dance through television shows like So You Think You Can Dance.

Tap: Our tap classes break down intricacies of footwork performed in Tap Dance‚ while greatly helping students with rhythmic patterns and timing. Tap has often been noted to help students’ musicality in other styles of dance‚ along with teaching students to dance more grounded and into the floor. Tap training helps to create versatility in a dancer‚ and is particularly useful for students with the ambition to one–day audition for roles in Musical Theater or Commercial Dance.

Hip–Hop: Hip Hop is a more urban‚ street form of dance‚ and plays a large role in today’s Commercial Dance Industry. The dance form has a heavy emphasis on musicality‚ and being grounded into the floor. Hip Hop is found in much of today’s music videos‚ and is seen performed by backup dancers on world tours for a variety pop artists.

Commercial Jazz: Our Commercial Dance classes are designed to prepare dancers for what to expect when auditioning for Commercial Dance jobs. Commercial Dance most often includes Jazz Funk and Hip Hop‚ while sometimes touching on other styles. Instructors who have direct experience in both dancing and choreographing for Commercial Dance jobs provide top–notch insight and training in this class.

Acro: Our Tumbling classes consist of floor work on Tumbling mats‚ and covers skills such as forward rolls‚ back rolls‚ cartwheels‚ handstand‚ backbends‚ back walkovers‚ front walkovers‚ aerials‚ front handsprings‚ back handsprings‚ back tucks‚ and more. Tumbling is a valuable skill for all dancers to have‚ as it builds strength‚ and gives the student a step up at dance auditions.

Stretch and Conditioning: This class is a great addition to students’ weekly dance schedules‚ as it emphasizes building proper muscles tone‚ and stretching to increase flexibility and lengthen muscles.